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Sayulita, Mexico Destination Wedding at Villa Amor – Gloria and Kevin

Having visited the lovely Sayulita, Mexico myself a few years back, seeing amazing wedding photos like these from photographer Jillian Mitchell immediately take me back to the magic of this sleepy Pacific surfing town! Couple Gloria and Kevin did their Mexico destination wedding right, and after this blog post, they’ve got me dying for some quality time on the beach!

The Couple: Gloria and Kevin

The Wedding: Villa Amor, Sayulita, Mexico


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Mexico for the wary: A guide to safe, popular travel spots – USATODAY.c​om

Scared of narco-terrorists? So are we.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve written off all of Mexico, where the ramped-up war against and between violent drug cartels has spooked many would-be visitors.

Border areas notwithstanding, “most of the country has a pretty low crime rate,” and tourists usually aren’t targets, notes international security expert Bruce McIndoe of iJET Travel Intelligence. “Yes, there’s room for collateral damage, but you can get struck by lightning, too.”

  • Even the U.S. State Department, whose recently expanded warning cautions against non-essential travelto parts or all of 14 (out of 31) Mexican states, exempts most of the country’s marquee tourist spots — including this:

Riviera Nayarit

Stretching 100 miles along Mexico’s Pacific coast from Nuevo Vallarta north to San Blas, this region packs a lot of stylistic variety. Prefer all-inclusive chain hotels? Try Nuevo Vallarta. If money’s no object, slip inside the gated enclaves of Punta Mita. If you like water sports by day and watering holes by night, the town of Sayulita is your spot. If you’re seeking peace and quiet in an artsy village, check into one of San Francisco’s (aka San Pancho’s) small hotels. Beach options range from secluded, rocky coves to palm-fringed expanses flanked by the Sierra Madres.

Mexico Tourism Booming Again, Despite Violence

MERIDA, Mex. – Despite relentless coverage of the Mexican drug war by U.S. news media over the last several years, tourism to Mexico is rebounding strongly.

Following three years of sharp decline that began in April 2009, when fears over H1N1 – the virus commonly known as “swine flu” — effectively shut down most of the nation to foreign travel, visitors arriving in Mexico by air jumped to 22 million in 2011. That number is expected to increase again this year, as worldwide interest in the “end of time” 2012 phenomenon — the ancient calendar of the Maya ends in December 2012 — shifts into high gear. The end of the calendar cycle has generated worldwide interest, resulting in a variety of end-time theories, documentaries and even a big-budget Hollywood film.

During the peak of the H1N1 crisis in 2009, Mexico came to a halt as schools, museums, shopping centers and movie theaters were ordered shut, causing hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors to cancel their vacations and trips. While averting a public health crisis, the forceful action taken by Mexican authorities had unintentionally sent the tourism industry into a tailspin.

Since then, the combination of global economic recession and drug-related violence had only exacerbated the decline in tourism.

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Is Sayulita Safe?

Reasons why Sayulita Mexico is a safe place to visit, vacation, and live

Why Sayulita is a Safe Place to Visit and/or Live

When vacationers start searching destinations for their family get-away, safety ranks high in the list of priorities. With drug cartel border violence becoming prevalent in mainstream USA news media, it is easy to see why some might question travel to Mexico. The small, charming fishing village of Sayulita is just that – small and charming. Although growing in popularity on an international scale, Sayulita Mexico is still a quiet tranquil town with friendly faces eager to meet and greet visitors whose patronage is essential to the local economy. Sayulita has only recently been developed and therefore holds no history of violent crime. The homes, villas, and rental units are privately owned with no corporate multiple-story hotels which in turn facilitates a very strong sense of community in Sayulita.

Just in September, 2010:  Sayulita and the surrounding area has be categorized as one of the best areas in the world to retire in.  Read for yourself the great articles AARP Retire Worldwide,  and San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch published about our area.  In addition, Sayulita was voted the number one international location to travel with children for Spring Break 2010 by The Today Show and Travel & Leisure Magazine

Sayulita is a family-orientated town; children are well taken care of and kept safe. Almost all of the residents know one another making it easy to spot those from out-of-town or displaying suspicious behaviour in our quiet, residential neighbourhoods. Located on the Pacific coast just 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, the lazy beach town of Sayulita is a world away from the U.S. border and the northern part of Mexico where violence is undoubtedly more evident in day-to-day life.

The local police force in Sayulita is on 24-hour patrol of the town and surrounding area; these tourist police (policia turistica) keep our streets and beaches safe at night and enforce laws regarding drug possession and other crimes. The emergency equivalent to dialling 911 in Mexico is 066 from any standard line and 080 from a Mexican cell phone. It is important to keep these numbers handy to help keep you and your family safe while visiting Sayulita and traveling throughout Mexico.

As in any locale around the world, there is petty theft and other minor crime; however, the community of Sayulita has come together to help reduce these types of crimes and to increase security in general by forming neighbourhood watch programs and stipulating a midnight closing time for all bars and nightlife in Sayulita. Take precaution and use common sense while visiting. Don’t travel with unnecessary valuables. Use provided safes in your vacation rental home. Close and lock all windows and doors when going out. Do not leave any valuable visible in parked cars.

Sayulita is safe. By taking responsibility for yourself, your family and possessions and employing common sense, your stay in Sayulita will be a fun, enjoyable and memorable experience. Most of our guests will return soon to visit or perhaps make Sayulita their home as so many already have.

For additional information, please check out this article by Jim Scherrer, a Puerto Vallarta resident:
The Facts Concerning Violent Crimes Committed Against US Tourists in Mexico


Here are our Top Ten Reasons why Sayulita is such a safe place to visit:

1) Small family-orientated village
2) Far from USA/Mexico border drug cartel activity
3) 24-hour police patrols
4) Streets are well-lit
5) Exceptional local/foreigner property-owner relationships
6) Location: Only one road in and out of town
7) Neighborhood Watch program
8) Strong sense of Community and Local Family
9) ZERO reported violent crime to date
10) Recently developed community with little criminal history






Villa Amor – HOA gathering and the newly elected mayor

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