Special Thanks

Dear Barbara,
On behalf of the Fundraising Committee for Pro Sayulita, I want to officially thank you for your support of our event. Your donation helped to make this the largest Live Auction we have ever had! Your support will allow us to continue to support all the essential programs in our Pueblo such as Police, Bomberos and Ambulance, SayulitAnimals, Sayulimpia, Sayulita Verde and so much more. Your participation means a lot to this community.

Thank you again from the bottom of our collective hearts!
Kindest Regards,
— Janice Parker
Pro Sayulita Volunteer


Owner Testimonials

“There are many, many, many places with beautiful condos to buy with beautiful ocean views, but there’s nothing like . And there’s no other town like Sayulita. It’s not a resort town. It’s a fun, funky fishing village. This whole place is wonderful, laid back, and completely genuine.”
— Barbara Roche Fierman


Guest Testimonials

“I’ve stayed at more than a dozen times, and each time feels like new. I love it here.”
— Jim Waldron
Jim Waldron Guest

“We were surprised at how convenient it was to stay at . We were so close to town, yet so completely removed from it, that we could enjoy the sounds of the ocean, the luxurious, romantic feeling, the beauty. With ’s staff we found it even more convenient than staying in town, since they provided helpful and pleasant English-speaking assistance.”
— Sabrina Fierman

“There’s nowhere on the Pacific Ocean that says romantic, relaxing and pure magic better than . The service was outstanding, and you feel like you’re somewhere that’s a cross between the Hawaiian Islands and the French Riviera. As an added bonus, there are many great nearby watersports activities, including great surf.”
— Andrew and Erica Lazar