Whale watching in Sayulita, Mexico

Every year, grey and humpback whales visit the breeding waters of Banderas Bay. From late October or early November through early April, their arrival awes visitors and locals alike.

Whales in our waters are protected, and Villa Amor only works with tour operators that follow the strictest guidelines. Tours are usually half day.

Most of our guests opt to have a concierge charter a boat and book an expert guide and crew for a three-hour tour. Prices ranges from $180-$200 for a boat of up to six people out of Punta Mita.

For more information about humpbacks, including their history in Banderas Bay, the threats they’ve faced, and the awe they inspire, take a few minutes to read a naturalist’s guide to our gentle giants.

If you are with us during these months, it’s not uncommon to see the whales leaping out of the water from your own private terrace.