In the case that Villa Amor guests experience medical issues, we recommend Dr. Chavez at the Banderas Bay Clinic here in Sayulita. Dr Chavez is fluent in English, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He makes house calls and will come to Villa Amor whenever possible should the need arise. His emergency house call visits are $500 pesos, which is approximately $75 US dollars (depending upon the exchange rate).

If an IV is needed, or if he drives the patient to the hospital, there will be an additional fee of approximately $30 US Dollars. Dr. Chavez can file claims for US insurance payments, and often the patient does not have to pay anything; it depends upon which insurance carrier the patient uses. Office visits at the clinic here in Sayulita are approximately $25 US Dollars. Villa Amor will call Dr. Chavez and arrange transportation to the clinic if needed.