Sayulita started as a tiny fishing village on the coast of Mexico and is slowly growing as a tourist destination. Located just north of the Bay of Banderas region, the town is relatively new.

The Bay of Banderas region was not settled by colonists until the 1800s, the dense jungles and remote geography made it difficult to access. Sayulita itself was not established officially until 1941 when the first settlers trekked in over the mountains.

The town has grown to 4,000 residents, mostly due to a recent highway connecting the town to Puerto Vallarta. Sayulita hugs the coast closely, reaching about a mile long on the Pacific Coast, but only extending inland for a few blocks.

Increasing amounts of American and Canadian expatriates have been slowly expanding the population of the town. Residents celebrate a simpler lifestyle, without many of the complications of modern life. The quaint stucco homes with thatched roofs remind visitors of the charm that this village has to offer.

Sayulita is renowned for its rare black and white beaches and amazing surfing conditions. The surf is perfect for beginners of any age and background. Rustic taco stands and tortillerías adorn the town square. A recent government ordinance prevents the cutting of trees in order to maintain the enchanting feel of this once undiscovered tropical paradise.


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