Air temperature, ocean temperature, and rainfall charts for Sayulita, Mexico


The weather in Sayulita generally is a bit milder than in Puerto Vallarta, which is 35 minutes south. November through April are picture perfect with temperatures around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Nights are often cool enough to need a sweater and jeans. June through October marks our rainy season which like the Hawaiian Islands where typically rain falls in the evening and the days are crystal clear and often humid. During this time of year, you may see beautiful thunder and lightning at night and beautiful waves during the day.

Month Hi Temp Low Temp Ocean Temp Rainfall Days of Rain
January 79°F 64°F 80°F 33.8mm 2.2
February 82°F 59°F 78°F 5.3mm 0.7
March 90°F 64°F 76°F 2.0mm 0.6
April 91°F 64°F 74°F 1.5mm 0.2
May 93°F 72°F 75°F 15.4mm 1.0
June 95°F 79°F 82°F 187.6mm 10.8
July 97°F 75°F 84°F 328.1mm 16.4
August 97°F 73°F 84°F 312.4mm 15.2
September 91°F 73°F 84°F 370mm 15.6
October 9°F1 72°F 82°F 93.8mm 5.1
November 90°F 66°F 79°F 19.8mm 1.4
December 91°F 64°F 79°F 22.5mm 1.9