Cancellation Policy

Category: A

  1. IF YOU ARE CONFIRMING 4 (Four) OR FEWER VILLAS WITH A FULL PAYMENT: 1- 42 or more days cancellation you will lose only one night per villa payment or you may choose option 2.
  2. 28 to 41 days receive 100% credit on future stay or 50% refund less one night per villa
  3. 21 to 27 days notification 75% credit toward future stay per villa or 25% refund
  4. 10 to 26 day’s notification 50% credit but no cash refund
  5. 6 to 9 day’s 25% credit
  6. 0 to 5 days zero credit and zero refund.


Category B.

If you choose 50% payment at confirmation

Final payment is due 60 days (90 if attending a wedding) in advance via check, credit card or PayPal or cash unless alternative arrangement is made directly with our office.

No refunds or credits are available with this option.

If you choose plan B and follow it up with full payment this does not change your original choice and you will remain in category B.

Important note:

Unless the airlines are not running due to illness, or the U.S. and/or Canadian governments are banning travel to Mexico, we cannot go against our normal cancellation policy, even with a doctor’s note. Thank you for your understanding.