Paul C Anchorage, Alaska – Las Hermosas

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Paul C
Anchorage, Alaska

“Villa Amor is a sun soaked romantic experience”


I just returned from my stay in Sayulita. My wife and I stayed in Villa Las Hermosas at Villa Amor and we loved it. This is a great room at this resort with a bank of windows facing east and high ceilings so it feels airy. The windows help keep the mosquitos out and the cool air in! The sunshine streams in throughout the day with a tropical feeling surrounding the room. It is a somewhat unique room at this resort since there is only one flight of stairs and the deck overlooks the garden and the pool. We found that closing the windows at night made it very private, quiet and healthy (no need for a mosquito net) – in the morning when the noctural mosquitoes have gone to bed, we threw back the curtains and opened the large windows filling the room with early morning sun, the sound of surf and shore birds. The beach beckons from the window. We plan stay in Villa las Hermosas again next year.

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February 20, 2016

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